Courses taught:

I would be happy to provide you with syllabi for any of the following in a pdf format, if you would like to use ideas in your own classes. Just contact me at kevinmlerner [at] gmail.com.


Marist College, 2009–present

Courses taught (Bold course titles=frequently taught):

COM 461: News Workshop

COM 443: Narrative Journalism.

COM 401: Communication Capping.

COM 342: Readings in Journalism.

COM 341: Press in America.

COM 323: Public Affairs Reporting.

COM 322 (previously COM 340): Newswriting (previously Journalism II).

COM 300: Mass Communication Law.

COM 242 (previously COM 241): Introduction to Journalism (previously Journalism I).

COM 236 (previously COM 441): News Editing.

COM 201: Communication and Society.

COM 100: Communication Principles.

Rutgers University, 2010

Course taught:

COMM 480: Media Ethics and Law.

Seton Hall University, 2008–2009

Courses taught:

COJR 2431: American Journalism.

COJR 3426: Magazine Writing.

COMM 2135: Communication Research.

COMM 1421: Writing for the Media.


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