Selected Journalism


The mourning of AJR is less about a decline in press criticism than the loss of an institution: Like the media it covers, journalism criticism has moved from the work of a few established institutions to something more diffuse. Nieman Lab, August 28, 2015.

Dharun Ravi Should Cut a Deal: Article co-written with Emily Bazelon, arguing that subjecting the man who bullied Tyler Clementi wouldn’t do anyone any good., February 14, 2012.

A Man With a Plan: (pdf file) An Interview with New York City planner Rohit Aggarwala. O2 Magazine, summer 2008.

Baseball: Meet the New Boss: An account of my interview for a job editing the New York Yankees’ magazine, published in New York Magazine, July 16, 2001.

Wonder of Wonders: (pdf file) 80 Years of Thrills, Chills and Romance at Coney Island’s Oldest Operating Attraction. Published in the New York Times, May 28, 2000.

Concrete, Steel and Philip Glass: An interview with the minimalist composer about a piece he composed for the opening of the Milwaukee Art Museum addition. Published on

Preserving the World’s Great Cities: A book review and interview with the author, Anthony Tung. Published on

A Quarter-Century of Discovery: The Young Architects Forum, a competition for emerging designers, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Published on, October 6, 2006.

Profile of architect Jennifer Siegal, one of many “young architects” profiles I wrote for Architectural Record magazine.

Quotations and references in other media

Quoted as an expert on journalism history and social media in the Christian Science Monitor: “Could the media have ignored Terry Jones and his Koran-burning plan?” by Gloria Goodale.

Quoted (via Twitter) in a Huffington Post slide show about Twitter reactions to the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Blog highlights

The profile of Rupert Murdoch that Rupert Murdoch killed. When Murdoch bought the New York Post, New York Magazine commissioned a profile of him. Then Murdoch bought New York Magazine too, and the profile needed a new home.

Press criticism should be personal, not institutional. I suggest that press criticism could learn from literary or film criticism.

The BulletinPoint system: Inverted pyramids, reader convenience, and a new style of news writing.

When “the media” overtook “the press” and other fun with Google Ngrams.

Let the trend story fade away. Long live the casual cultural observation piece! I suggest an alternative to the oft-derided “trend piece.”

The practice of journalism and journalism practices: Can news and the news business be separated?


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