Call for Editor(s): Journal of Magazine and New Media Research

The AEJMC Magazine Division seeks an editor for the Journal of Magazine and New Media Research. The job requires a time commitment of at 5-6 hours a week on average.  Some weeks may be more, and some weeks less. The Journal publishes twice a year. The current issue is available here.

The position entails the following:

  1. Reading all submissions and sometimes giving pre-review feedback as a way to avoid or decrease the number of rejections;
  2. Finding three reviewers per manuscript, with relevant expertise, and corresponding with the potential reviewers;
  3. Corresponding with the authors and sending them the first (and often) second round of reviews;
  4. Copy editing and formatting the final work, which includes style work to ensure everything is in the same style (Chicago).
The work also requires a broad methodological and theoretical knowledge on the part of the editor. The Journal of Magazine and New Media Research accepts work that uses a wide variety of research methodology, both quantitative and qualitative.
The outgoing editor, Miglena Sternadori, will provide the incumbent with contact information for current reviewers. The incumbent will also have the full support of the executive committee of the Magazine Division in taking over the role. Applicants are encouraged to contact their own academic administration to negotiate for possible course release time to compensate for work on the journal. The Division may also hire an assistant editor to lighten the work load.
To inquire about the position, contact Division Head Kevin Lerner at No specific application materials are required on first inquiry. The executive committee will begin discussion with interested candidates immediately, and will continue fielding inquiries until the position is filled.

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