I asked for animated GIFs about mass comm law for extra credit on the final, and this is what I got

In the final exam for my mass communication law class this semester, I asked students to write a policy for the use of animated GIFs in a hypothetical publication, taking into account copyright law and the Fair Use Doctrine. I got some good answers.

But I also offered a couple of points of extra credit for linking to (and a few MORE points for creating) an animated GIF relevant to any topic in the course. Herewith, their submissions. Some of them are only tangentially related to the course, or are inside jokes, but I present them here without comment or explanation:200 broncos_pmanning18_sad giphy-2 giphy-3 giphy-4 giphy-5 giphy-6 giphy-7 giphy-8 giphy-9 giphy-10 giphy-12 giphy-13 giphy-14 giphy-15 giphy10992801_1645394769068308_1342320717_n

Homer Simpson using the preferred position balancing theory to place the First Amendment ahead of privacy rights was by far the most popular. At least four students submitted that one. But I only got one original GIF. Thanks, Ashley!

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