How China sees The News of the World and Western media

It’s interesting to see the News of the World/Murdoch scandal through Chinese eyes, and see that all of Western media can very easily be tarred by the actions of one unscrupulous media baron.

With the help of Google Translate and a native speaker of Mandarin, I was able to get through this Chinese media analysis of the NOTW hacking scandal. The Chinese journalism professors interviewed seem (again, lost in translation) to have an interesting and nuanced view of the scandal: Yes, print newspapers are struggling, and the Western media model of trying to balance freedom of information and the need to extract profit doesn’t always work out in favor of the most idealistic among us. That’s true. But the writer who quotes those professors turns this into an attack on Western values in general. “You call us human rights violators?” they seem to be asking, “Look, your western media are violating the right to privacy too!” The source for this article, of course, is the Xinhua News Agency, which means this article was written, for all intents and purposes, by the Chinese government.

This article (here’s the link again) is worth running through Google Translate and trying to hack through with a prose machete.

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