The Curse of the Bamb-me-no

Red Sox fans are supposed to be the ones blaming themselves for 86 years of misery, not me. But I’m growing more and more convinced that I’m to blame for the lack of a championship in the Bronx since 2000.

In the Spring of 2000, just before the start of the season, I was interviewed for a job as an editor of Yankees Magazine, the souvenir program. After the first person offered the job had failed a background check, I was given the offer. I thought it over for an evening, and then called back to turn it down. The pay and the working conditions were going to be terrible, though had the Yanks won, I would have gotten a cut of the World Series check and my very own ring.

That summer, I wrote and published an article about that interview experience. It ran in New York Magazine in July. That Fall, the Yankees lost to the Diamondbacks in the Series. They haven’t won since, and a few minutes ago, they collapsed monumentally against the Sox. Am I to blame? Probably not. It would be a delusion of grandeur to put myself on a historical plane with the Babe. But when you’re a miserable fan–and when all of the world is rooting for you to lose–it’s hard not to kick yourself.

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  1. anywayze it was really george’s fault for being a dick. what happened to your blog, dude?

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