I feel like maybe I was too soft on Pearlstein. Or that I came off too soft on him anyway. I don’t mean to say that he made the right stand, on principle, since he does seem to have ruined Time’s ability to use anonymous sources. I just meant that I understand his motivation to try to find a third way.

But as I suspected, things are getting more complicated as they get closer to the–so to speak–source. The current lead story on NYTimes.com explains things pretty well. But what it doesn’t do is run the entire transcript of the press conference between the White House press pool and Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary. For that, we turn to Editor & Publisher. And again, I thank my friend Kelly for giving me the lead (She didn’t request anonymity, so I assume she’s on the record):

For those who enjoy making fun of press flacks, reading this transcript of McClellan’s dance of avoidance and denial is almost as much fun as reading the transcript of Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine. My favorite moments are the repetitions of “I appreciate your question.”

OK, back to the Home Run Derby.

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