We interrupt this serial…

…to bring you an important message from CJR Daily. I referred to the then-unpublished study “A Measure of Media Bias” in my 602 term paper, “Enterprising journalists: An empirical search for the source of bias in the media.” In the paper, I am dismissive of it, as I am of all content analysis of journalism because it seems so entirely subjective. In fact, I have a hard time with all quantitative studies that try to take complex, subtle interactions and ideas and reduce them to numbers (see also the first paragraph of this post about Infromation Science research).

I think that in general, the worlds of academic media studies and journalism need to learn how the other works so that they can actually help each other. In this case, I side with CJR. So here, for your reading pleasure, and to save myself from having to write the rant: the CJR Daily article ripping into Groseclose and Milyo.

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