Knight Foundation funds ten academic applications of News Challenge projects

The only place I could find this interesting news was in my email, and on page 15 of the pdf version of the AEJMC newsletter. But I thought that this news was important, and since I couldn’t link to it otherwise, I’m posting it here. This is a great way to get innovative reporting projects integrated into programs that educate the young journalists who will use them, and inspire the young journalists who will invent the next generation of Knight News Challenge projects:

Building a Bridge Between the Knight News Challenge and JMC Programs 
2011-2012 Recipients

Through a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, AEJMC has funded ten proposals to develop innovative and creative academic applications of projects already funded through the Knight News Challenge. The goal is to implement these projects in ways that enhance the education of future journalists for the new media landscape. Individual grants are up to $8,000 each.

Recipients of 2011-12 Bridge Grants (alpha)

  1. Ingrid Bachmann and Sebastian Valenzuela, Universidad Catolica de Chile; (Ushahidi) “Adopting Ushahidi for Crowdsourcing and Data Visualization: New Paths for Event-mapping in Chile”
  2. Peter (Piotr) Bobkowski, University of Kansas; (Printcasting/FeedBrewer) “ High School News Feed”
  3. Serena Carpenter and Nancie Dodge, Arizona State University; (CityCircles) “CityCircles Light Rail Job Classifieds”
  4. Julie Jones and John Schmeltzer, University of Oklahoma; (Ushahidi) “Reporting from the Storm”
  5. Jacqueline Marino, Kent State University; “OpenBlock Campus”
  6. Ray Murray, Oklahoma State University; (DocumentCloud) “In-depth Reporting of Methamphetamine Production and Abuse in Oklahoma”
  7. Cindy Royal and Jacie Yang, Texas State University San Marcos; (VIDI) “Telling Stories with Data: Life at a Hispanic Serving University”
  8. Hyunjin Seo, University of Kansas. (OpenBlock) “LarryvilleKU: Web and Mobile Application of OpenBlock to The Kansan”
  9. Adam Wagler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; (BookBrewer,Politiwidgets, DocumentCloud) “Photojournalism and Social Engagement Tablet App”
  10. Amy Schmitz Weiss, San Diego State University; (Ushahidi) “@SDSU – Where’s the News?”

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