Marist College communication senior capstone projects

Marist College students know what “capping” is. When I began teaching in the Department of Communication, it took me a while to get used to that awkward gerund, but it’s second nature to me now that I have a few of them under my belt. Capping is the senior capstone project, a place where students get to show off what they have learned in their academic careers so far and engage in a large project of some kind. For communication majors, this could be a public relations campaign or a documentary film; a fundraising event or a social media plan for a not-for-profit.

I have required my current group of capping folk to build their own social media presences. They are seeking out a community to support their work throughout their projects by joining Twitter. And they are chronicling their progress on WordPress blogs. I wanted to give them a kickstart by linking my readers to their social media identities. So here they are. Help them make their projects spectacular:

  • Brandee Byrnes:
  • James Fitzpatrick:
  • Michael Garofolo:
  • Brittney Garofolo:
  • Jaclyn Goldbaum:
  • Kellie Hayden:
  • Eric Johansen:
  • Jack Kensil:
  • Lisa Koehler:
  • Julie Maio:

    James Niebler:

  • Allyson O’Brien:
  • Kayla O’Donovan:
  • Kaitlin Pfister:
  • Vanessa Rannazzisi:
  • Stephanie Robinett:
  • Alexa Santucci:
  • John Vernazza:
  • Megan Warne:

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