A bunch of happy Cappers

Most semesters, I lead a section of Marist College’s communication major capstone course (which Marist calls “Capping”). This semester, as I have done previously, I have asked the students to run blogs and Twitter accounts to document their progress as the semester goes on.

Students are working either individually or in small groups to develop a semester-long project that brings together all of the knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking that they have accumulated in their three-plus years in the program. They run the full gamut of concentrations available in the major (journalism; sports communication; public relations; advertising; communication studies…) and I think that there are some very promising projects this semester.

Check them out below and follow their progress. Tell them what’s working and what’s not. Part of the reason I wanted them to be using social media was to get used to working in the public sphere. You can also follow our conversation on Twitter. We settled on the hashtag #hapcap (it’s supposed to be short for “happy capping” or “happy cappers”).

Name Twitter handle WordPress
Tierney Smith Smith_Tierney http://TierneySmithCapping.wordpress.com
Gabrielle Sabatino gabsabbbb http://gabsseniorcapping.wordpress.com
Kelly Scalera kellyrachael http://unofficialguide101.wordpress.com http://hapcap101.wordpress.com
Cody Hanlon Cody_Cap http://Hanlon31.wordpress.com
Myles Williams   http://cinecititherapist.wordpress.com http://cinecititherapistjournal.wordpress.com
Casey Saunders saundEEz6 http://caseysaunders.wordpress.com
Abbey Scalia abbeyscalia http://abbeyscalia.wordpress.com
Nicole Chin-Lyn cola_mia http://colamia.wordpress.com
Lindsey Klein individyoualize
Jessica Arabia jessers_xo
Caitlin Landsman Lands_21
Matt Gaffney mgaffney542 http://mgaffneycapping.wordpress.com
Charlotte Spatz charlottespatz http://charlottespatz.wordpress.com
Alyssa Pallotti ArtofConfusion http://araepal91.wordpress.com http://mcdebehindthecurtain.wordpress.com
Gina Sirico GinaRoseSirico http://grosecapping.wordpress.com
Dan Waters DanWaters13 http://danwaters13.wordpress.com
Jaclynn Sabia JaclynnSabia http://cappingproject2012.wordpress.com
Kara Donovan donovan_kara http://karadonovanblog.wordpress.com/

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