AEJMC Magazine Division Call for Panel Proposals for 2014 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Magazine Division of AEJMC invites calls for panel proposals for the 2014 conference, to be held in Montreal, Quebec. The deadline for submissions is October 1.

At this time, we are soliciting ideas for panel ideas in three categories:
  • TEACHING: Panels that discuss the state of the art in pedagogy: syllabus construction, grading, technology, classroom ethics, or any other panel on best practices or current debates in the field. This is the umbrella under which the yearly “teaching marathon” falls (about which, see more below).
  • PF&R: If you don’t know, this stands for “Professional Freedom and Responsibility.” These panels are a chance to address issues of shared concern between academic journalism and working journalists. It’s always a great opportunity to bring in professionals, especially those who live in the cities we’re visiting. Time to raid your virtual Rolodex for your Canadian contacts.
  • RESEARCH: This is not the call for research papers, which will go out later this year, but if you have an idea for an invited research panel or a themed research session, now is the time to get that in.

For all of these panels, consider making the most of our location in Montreal, and also any other relevant anniversaries (1964: Times v. Sullivan; 1974: Nixon resigns…)

To submit your panel idea(s), just fill out the attached form and email it to Kevin Lerner, the Magazine Division Program Chair, at You’ll need a suggested title for the panel, a brief description, and some suggested panelists and their academic or professional affiliations. Do not promise that these panels are set in stone yet, but you’re free to ask if they would be interested.
Also, it is extremely helpful if you can suggest possible co-sponsors for your panel. Because of the way the AEJMC panelprogramming system works, we can get more bang for our buck by partnering with other divisions to sponsor a panel. This year, we would like to make a special effort to reach out to divisions we don’t often partner with.

Finally, two related calls:

  • If you have an idea for an off-site or pre-conference panel, activity, party or excursion, now would be a great time to tell me or our Division Head, Liz Fakazis, about it.
  • We are once again in charge of organizing the “Teaching Marathon” which we started several years ago, and which we have recently co-sponsored with the Visual Communication Division. Magazine will be leading it again this year, and Sammye Johnson of Trinity University has agreed to coordinate and moderate that panel again. If you have a five-minute teaching idea, send a title along with a one-paragraph summary of your idea to her

Please send any general questions about the submission process to me ( or to Liz Fakazis ( If you have area-specific questions, you can also contact:


Remember that deadline: October 1. It’s closer than you think.

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